Broadland Community Lottery

Broadland District Council is launching the Broadland Community at Heart Lottery to help raise funds for and to support local charities.  Lottery tickets cost £1 each with 60% going towards the charity / good cause and the other 40% going towards the prize money.  The supporter will be able to choose which good cause they want their ticket money to go towards.  There will be a weekly draw with a jackpot of £25,000.

Broadland District Council are looking for Broadland-based clubs, non-profit associations or charities which are looking for a reliable and free way to raise funds.  If you are involved in a charity or a good cause which may be suitable for the lottery, please send the details to either the Parish Clerk ([email protected] 01493 701901) or to Broadland District Council direct, via Jessica Ransome [email protected] 01508 533654.

The first tickets will be on sale on 12th January, with the first draw taking place on the 27th February.