• Parish Council – Uncontested Election

    There will be no change to the Councillors who are currently serving on the Parish Council, as no additional nominations were received by Broadland District Council.   This means that the Parish Councillors’ positions are uncontested and there will be no election for Parish Councillors at the local elections in May.

    Uncontested Election – 2023



  • Parish & District Elections – Are you interested in becoming a Councillor?

    Please see details below on what you need to do if you would like to put yourself forward to stand as either a District or Parish Councillor.  Strict deadlines and criteria apply – please see the attached documents for details.

    Every 4 years, all Parish Councillors have to stand down from their roles and each of the 7 Parish Councillor positions becomes vacant.  Anyone who is elligible to stand for one of these positions can put themselves forward.  If more people are nominated than there are positions available, there will be an election, held on the same day as the District Elections.  If fewer or the same number of people as there are positions put themselves forward, then it would be an uncontested election and each of those people would, by default, have a place on the Parish Council.


    BDC Notice of Election Parish
    BDC Notice of Election District
    Part 1 Can you stand for election Parish LGE
    Timetable 2023



  • The programme of parish council meetings is available here

    Minutes can be read here

    The agenda for the next meeting will be found here

    Contact details for councillors are here

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