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Broadland Community Lottery

Broadland District Council is launching the Broadland Community at Heart Lottery to help raise funds for and to support local charities.  Lottery tickets cost £1 each with 60% going towards the charity / good cause and the other 40% going towards the prize money.  The supporter will be able to choose which good cause they want their ticket money to go towards.  There will be a weekly draw with a jackpot of £25,000.

Broadland District Council are looking for Broadland-based clubs, non-profit associations or charities which are looking for a reliable and free way to raise funds.  If you are involved in a charity or a good cause which may be suitable for the lottery, please send the details to either the Parish Clerk ([email protected] 01493 701901) or to Broadland District Council direct, via Jessica Ransome [email protected] 01508 533654.

The first tickets will be on sale on 12th January, with the first draw taking place on the 27th February.

Info & Contact Numbers

Information and Contact Numbers for Public - April 2020

Who does what?

Broadland District Council is responsible for domestic waste collection, street cleaning, most street-litter bins, street nameplates, planning matters, council tax collection and housing advice. Their website is here

Norfolk County Council is responsible for maintenance of roads and footpaths, schools, libraries, waste recycling centres and social care. Their website is here

Contact details for district councillor, Grant Nurden

Address: 49 The Green, Freethorpe, Norfolk, NR13 3NY
Home telephone:
Mobile: 07498 200169
Email: [email protected]