Email from British Sugar 8.11.2016

Thanks for the email and I apologise for the late reply.

Sunday opening commenced on 23rd October and we have now opened for three Sundays. We have received between 24, 28 and 23 loads on the three Sundays which is reflective on the low throughput the factory is currently on as we commission our new factory control system.

Our Agricultural team have positioned themselves in the layby near the village hall on three mornings from 4:50 to monitor early arrivals and report that there were no lorries through the village before 5:25. We have been quite strong with our message to the hauliers and it appears we have had success as on each occasion we have seen several lorries arriving on the dot of 5:25.

We have also been monitoring vehicle speed every two weeks and todate have only found one incident of speeding where a driver was spoken to about driving at 45mph.

We will continue with the fortnightly speed checks and also random early morning checks for early arrivals. Our desire is always to minimise disruption to our neighbours and we will strive to achieve this.

With kind regards