Correspondence from British Sugar – for Parish Council meeting on 14th March

We are very shortly going to submit a planning application to the Broads Authority to install a replacement filtration system on site which produces the Limex which we sell to our growers.  I thought it might be useful to give your councillors some detail around this application and specifically what effect it may have on Beighton and Cantley residents.
For many years now we have produced a Limex45 product which everyone will have seen in heaps around the area ready for farmers to spread on their land. It is a fairly wet product which we produce during the campaign and store in ponds to dewater ready for excavation and despatch to farms mainly in the summer months.
The technology we will be installing will produce a much drier product which can be despatched to farm straight from the process, avoiding the need to store and dewater.  As well as being a much better product for ourselves and our customers there are two distinct benefits to the local community and especially Beighton and Cantley residents alongside the B1140.
·         By being a much dryer product it reduces the total volume of limex  leaving site by 21% which directly translates to a 21% reduction in vehicles collecting this product.
·         Additionally as the product is ready to despatch directly from production we anticipate being able to move the majority of the limex  in campaign by back loading beet lorries as they return to farms.  This will again significantly reduce vehicle movements during the summer months.  To ensure we maximise the back loading of beet delivery vehicles we will be locating these replacement filters within the beet intake area of our site which will avoid the need for lorries to cross the railway line onto the main site. This will remove all Limex vehicles from the road into the main site past the houses on Station Road in Cantley.
Below is the section of the Planning Application relating to Highways and Transport so you have the numbers as presented to the planning authority

Highways and Transport

Overall this facility will reduce impact by delivering a lower number of HGV movements to and from the Cantley site.
There would be HGV movements arising from the removal of LimeX70 generated by the DLP station however this is a reduced number due to the reduction in volume produced versus the current LimeX45 product. It is anticipated there will be a significant increase (up to 70%) in the volume of LimeX back loaded on the existing beet lorries further reducing the total number of vehicle movements.
LimeX 45
LimeX 70
Volume produced (t)
assuming a typical processing campaign
Despatches (total)
based on a typical 28t load
Campaign Despatches
backloads on beet lorries – no additional traffic
Summer Despatches
dedicated vehicle movements
The net effect is a reduction in out-of-campaign despatches of circa 1,100 HGV movements.
In addition the relocation of the LimeX operation to the North side of the railway will remove LimeX related traffic from the south section of Station Road and the railway crossing into the main site access, having a positive impact on residents on this section of the highway.  All despatches of the current LimeX product take place from the main factory site, to the south of the railway.
Additional staff may generate up to 1 additional car per day during campaign.